About us

Since 1995

Since establishment in 1995 Alasund Shipbrokers Ltd. has successfully served its clients worldwide with main focus on fishing vessels.

Alasund Shipbrokers solid foundation comprises of decades of experience within seafood processing and operation of fishing vessels by the founders family business, which roots can be traced back to the 1950s. The founders have furthermore a successful background in running fishing vessel service and seafood agency in Namibia, Newfoundland, Germany and the UK.

Main markets and deliveries

Alasund’s main markets are Europe and Russia, but the company has delivered vessels to satisfied clients in all continents.

Since establishment Alasund Shipbrokers have delivered various vessel types to 49 different countries.

Alasund has delivered vessels to and from following countries: Latvia, Germany, Norway, Denmark, Finland, Sweden, Faroe Islands, New Zealand, Namibia, Russia, Iran, Singapore, Peru,Seychelles, USA, Iceland, England, Canada, Ireland, Scotland, Aaland Islands, Guinea Equatorial, Guinea Bissau, Mexico, Marshall Islands, Gibraltar, Liberia, Australia, Holland, Belgium, Panama, Uruguay, Spain, Belize, South Africa, Ukraine, Poland,Thailand, St. Vincent & The Grenadines, Northern Ireland, Greenland, Estonia, The British Virgin Islands, St. Kitts & Nevis, Cook Islands, Antigua Barbuda, South Korea, Indonesia and Curacao.

Gaining ground in other tonnage

Despite its main focus on fishing vessels Alasund Shipbrokers are steadily gaining ground in other tonnage. Recent deliveries of tankers and cargo vessels to Far East clients are a positive proof of the company´s widening focus.

Our team

Alasund´s professional team consists of five sale and purchase brokers, three of which are founders and partners. On top of seagoing vessels as main interest, vast experience within the ship brokering business and management our team members hold a degree in shipbuilding, engineering, law and finance.

Please contact our team for further information or assistance.

Our business view

Alasund continuously strives for improvement of its business, raising quality of services and growing success of our international customers, which we view as vital criteria for Alasund´s success and future prosperity.

Successful business for Alasund and its clients commences in getting to know the customer and his needs. This is essential to be able to achieve mutual business objectives.

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