On the 22. December 2021 a newbuilding contract was signed between Skipasmíðastöð Njarðvíkur hf and fishing company Stakkavík ehf., Iceland.

The contract will be for a 30 GRT steel auto liner with state of the art equipment. The vessel will have a large propeller, two 214 kW main engines, connected to 46 kW generators and hydraulic pumps to drive the propeller, creating less emission and fuel consumption.

The hull and outfitting will to a large extent be completed in Turkey and finalized at Skipasmíðastöð Njarðvíkur, Iceland.

It will be fitted with Mustad Autoline machine, fish handling line from Micro, Iceland, Mitsubishi main engine, liquid ice machine from Kæling, two 16″ side propellers and is designed by Ráðgarður ship design, Iceland.

Alasund Shipbrokers was requested to act as consultants during the building process.