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1998 Spain
Main Engine:
Caterpillar 860 kW
  • Class: Lloyds Register
  • Tonnage: GT 363
  • Fish Hold: 185 cbm
  • Main Engine: Caterpillar 860 kW

TYPE: Fresh Fish Stern Trawler
BUILT YEAR: 1998 Spain
CLASS: Lloyds Register of Shipping, 100 A1, Fishing Vessel, LMC
CLASS STATUS: Next Special- Annual Survey: April 2021. Next Bottom Survey: Mars 2023
Engine Special: April 2021. Certificate of Class: April 2021.
MAINTENANCE: August 2017:
Main engine gear overhaul, new bearings, clutch plates, and housing. Overhauled shaft pump.
January 2018:
Turbines main engine overhauled.
January 2020:
Complete main engine overhaul: Main engine upgraded from 790 to 860 Kw.
New liners, new pistons, vibration damper, new charge air cooler, new injectors/pumps.
Propeller shaft removed; shaft seal renewed. Propeller nozzle ring inspected for cracks and repaired. Next Tail shaft survey: January 2025.
New hydraulic motors for middle trawl winch.
TONNAGE: 363 GT / 109 NT / 136 DWT
DIMENSIONS: LOA 27.00 m, Beam 8.50 m, LPP 23.42 m, Max Draft 3.50 m, Depth to Main Deck 4.50 m
MAIN ENGINE: 860 Kw, Caterpillar, 3512 DITA Overhauled 1/2020
Total running hours: 125,000 hrs. as per 07.2020. Overhauled in 01.2020. Running hours after overhaul: 1,700 hrs.
SPEED / CONS.: Approx. 10 kn., service speed; avg. cons: 3,000 ltr/day when trawling
GEARBOX: Finnoy G50F.
PROPELLER: 4 blade Finnoy variable pitch propeller (2400 mm) within a fixed nozzle.
BOLLARD PULL: Bollard pull: 17-18 t.
THRUSTERS: 1 x 100 BHP bow thruster by Astilleros Armon.
AUXILIARY ENGINE 1: 1 x Caterpillar aux. engines, type 3304. 94Kw. Overhauled in 02.2019.
GENERATOR 1: Stamford 100 KvA, 380 volt, 3 phase
AUXILIARY ENGINE 2: 1 x Caterpillar aux. engines, type 3304. 94 Kw. Overhauled in 02.2019.
GENERATOR 2: Stamford 100 KvA, 380 volt, 3 phase
HOLD: 185 m3 or 55 tons: apr. 600 of 45-50 kg. boxes of fresh catch.
Or 135 X 460 L bins/tubs. Approx. 35 tons of shrimp and 50 tons of whitefish in 460 L tubs.
Hold is fully lined with fiberglass. Receiving bin holds 17m3
Aft part of hold is insulated as freezing hold. (aft part was a separate freezing hold before 2015).
2016: Fish hold area; insulation improved. Pillars installed for tubs control.
BUNKERS: Fuel: 65,000 ltrs Lube oil: 5,000 ltrs Hyd oil: 5,000 ltrs
Fresh water: 25,000 ltrs
ACCOMMODATION: For 10 pers., 5 x 2 berth cabins
DECK EQUIPMENT: Supplier: Rapp Ecosse, Ellon
2 x 20 ts split winches, TWS-3020 – each cable 2,400 m of 24mm,
2 x 10 ts Sweeplines,
2 x 7 ts Split Sweeplines, 2 x Fleeting Winches,
2 x Gilson winches, Pullmaster M12
2 x Backstrap Winches M5 Pullmaster
1 x landing crane, 1.7m reach, 14 t/m, Atlas AK-140 Pentagon Autotrawl System.
COOLING: Cooling system in fish hold
RSW fish washing system.
Freezing compressor from blast freezer still on board but not in use.
PROCESSING: 2016: Shrimp processing line installed. Including graders, fish separator, shrimp cooker, cooling tank and several conveyor belts. Equipment made by Intech.

Fresh fish 350 x 40kg boxes.
Modification compared to GA plan:
Fish handling area changed.
Receiving bin is where the workstations are on the GA plan. No gutting machine.
Workstations are where the conveyor is on the GA plan in starboard side.

ELECTRONICS: 1 x Furuno FCV 10 Scanbeam Sounder
1 x Furuno Echo Sounder
1 x Furuno CN24 Net Monitor, May 08 3 x GPS
1 x Furuno Sat Compass 1 x Furuno Sat Phone,
2 x Sodena Plotter
1 x Furuno Radar and remote display, Jan 2013 1 x Koden Radar
1 x Seatel Sat TV Jan 2013 2 x Sailor VHFs
2 x Sailor MF/HF Sets
1 x VHF and MF/HF DSC
1 x Autopilot, Navitron NT 9200 & MT 920 RNI Nav 5 GMDSS Navtex receiver
1 x Pentagon Auto trawl system
New Maxsea and Marport censor system 2016

VARIOUS: 2016/2017:
– New stabilizing tank installed at the rear of the vessel. This has greatly improved the vessels stability. Cost estimated around 60T EUR.
– Overhaul of electrical systems on board.
– Kitchen. New cupboards and storage units, new sink, new water faucets, new refrigerator, etc.
– Kitchen, cabins, and corridor; new ceiling panels. New panels (ceiling & walls) in captain cabin.
– Captain cabin: WC and shower reinstalled, and new pipes installed.
– New pipes in all water system, both for fresh water and draining of WC and shower area.
– New cladding in deck area to facilitate processing(cooking) on board. Permanent fixture.
– Pumps. Several new pumps; bilge pumps, intake pump. Water cleaning system (UV) installed.
– Engine room: seawater pipes renewed.
– New anchor winch installed.

– Trawl deck partly renewed and partly doubled
– Automatic equipment for the coolers for the engines installed.
– 2019 Front p.t.o. gear overhauled
– Jan-Feb 2019 Some pipes on the factory deck and the trawl deck renewed and winches party overhauled.
– Jan-Feb 2019 Three conveyor belts in the processing area renewed and bins overhauled.

Modifications compared to the GA plan:
Accommodation the two 4 men cabins have been divided into 4 x 2 men cabins.


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