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Main Engine:
Wichmann 2002 BHP
  • Tonnage: GT 1.024
  • Main Engine: Wichmann 2002 BHP
  • DWT: 520,48
  • Other: 505 CBM

Freezing/processing stern trawler

Class: RMRS KM *L4 Fishig vessel

Last SS/DD:  11/2015

BLT: 1983 by with 1A ice notation

In 1993 she has been rebuilt by length increasing by 10m and freezing plant installation in Poland under supervision of DNV.

In 2015-2016 vessel has passed renovation with all machinery overhauling, modernizing and processing plant rebuilt.



LOA: 61.76m

Breadth : 9,76m

Depth: 2,0m

Draft max: 5,7m

Draft summer: 4,93 м

DWT: 520.48t

GT/NT: 1024 / 320

Crew: 48

Speed: 12kn


Main machinery:

ME: WICHMANN 5AXAG    2002 hp/1472 kWt own power + 600kWt from boosting motor/shaft generator

Diesel-Generator: CATERPILAR 3512/STAMFORD  970 kWt

Shaft-Generator: AVK 600 kWt + INDAR 400 kWt

Shaft generator AVK can also be used used as boost motor with CAT/STAMFORD generator supplying the power. Thus enabling power boost to propeller.

Diesel-Genarator: DOOSAN 408 kWt

MDO tanks: 220 t

Fresh Water tank: 44t

Propeller: 2500 mm CPP in nozzle


Deck equipment:

2 x 40 t electrical trawl winches, Ibericisa ( new 1998) with autotrawl

2 x sweep line winches with 4 drums HL 6/2

4 x aux. winches

2 x Gilson winch HL-10

1 x Cod end winch. HL-4

1 x Net drum NTL 11

1 x outhaul. winch HL 2,5

1 x Cable drum Brattvag MG 16/62

1 x Deck crane HMF 280 T2 + SP


Processing plant:

Alaska Pollack heading and roe recovery lines based on BAADER 212HR – 2 pcs

Salmon heading and roe recovery automated processing line NIKKO – NAG-601

Freezing capacity 65 t/day


Freezing hold of 505 cubm (abt 400t)


All particulars are believed to be correct, but given without guarantee for accuracy.
Subject to prior sale and price change without further notice.