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Main Engine:
9999 BHP Wärtsilä Vasa
  • Class: DNV GL
  • Tonnage: GT 2,205
  • Fish Hold: 2,020 m3 in 12 RSW tanks.
  • Main Engine: 9999 BHP Wärtsilä Vasa

Type: RSW Pelagic trawler Built: 1997 Norway

Class: DNV GL, ✠ 1A1 Fishing Vessel (C)

Tonnage: GT 2,205 – NT662

Dimensions: Loa 70.60 x Lbp 62,64 x Beam 13.60 meters

Main engine: 9999 BHP Wärtsilä Vasa, 18V32E, 750 RPM (7352 kW)

Speed: 18 knots at max., cruising at 14 knots

Propeller: 4000 mm Wärtsilä propulsion, electrically driven C

Fish holds: 2,020 m3 in 12 RSW tanks.

Deck equipment: 2 x 95 ton split trawl winches, Wire cap: 2.000 – 42 mm 1 x 75 ton pull top line winch 1 x 25 ton tail end winch

Refrigeration: 3 x RSW plants:1 x 1.000.000 kcal/h Ammonia, new 2005. 2 x 600.000 kcal/h. Freon R507

Thrusters: 2 x 800 HP Brunvoll side thrusters – 1550 mmØ, type FU 63 LTC

Accommodation: 16 persons in 11 cabins – with WC/shower

Various: 2018 July – Vessels decks, gantry, hull, superstructure, wheelhouse water blasted and painted. RSW tanks water blasted and painted, cigars removed and sandblasted, valves at the base of the cigars have all been renewed and new gratings put in.

The vessel will be dry-docked early August 2018 to change some bottom sea valves and other normal docking activity.

2018 – other items such as reupholstering chairs and sofas and captain’s chairs etc.

2018 – Main engine turbo charger opened up and overhauled in June (seen and recorded by DNV).

2018 – All pumps were been opened up and checked

2018 – (May) Evaporator was renewed on the ammonia plant.
2017 – Vessel completely high pressure washed and painted whilst in


LSA equipment and all communication/ navigation equipment all renewed/ overhauled 2017

Toilet Vacuum system totally O/H in 2017

Tail shaft bearing inspected July 2017


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