What services can Alasund Shipbrokers provide?

Alasund Shipbrokers Limited offers a wide range of services such as S&P (incl. sale of companies), vessel valuations, chartering (towage quotes), bunker supply and arranging for vessel transports & Consulting. With decades of gathered knowledge within the shipping industry and have all been sailors during our younger years, we can offer extensive assistance in the below sectors:

Sale and Purchase of vessels

Vast experience in selling and delivering fishing vessels of various types and sizes to all continents. Vessels have been delivered to and from over 60 different countries.
Alasund Shipbrokers have also delivered Reefer Cargo vessels, Tugs, harbor escort vessels, Container carriers, Seismic vessels, Supply vessels, PSV vessels, research vessels, Car ferries, Guard ships, Tuna farming support vessels, Shellfish dredgers, Tankers, Whale watching vessels, Hydrographic survey ships and Mothership/Klondyke vessels to name a few vessel types.

Sale of Companies and fishing permits

Alasund Shipbrokers have also handled sales of fishing companies, which include transactions such as the sale of Boyd Line Limited from Hull, England and Arctic Prime Fisheries from Greenland. All fishing vessels and permits were included in the sales.
The firm has also handled sales of fishing permits/quotas in various parts of the world, such as German permits to Swedish buyers, Polish pelagic permits to Icelandic interests, Domestic sale of a large pelagic purse seiner/trawler with all permits and quotas within Faroe Islands and domestic sale of a pelagic fishing permit in Australia.

Vessel valuations

Alasund Shipbrokers have made many Vessel valuations over the past years. We are frequently commissioned to do both onsite valuations and desktop valuations for various kinds of vessels. We have made vessel valuations and market forecast reports for such companies and institutions like DNV-GL, the Icelandic State and a wide range of fishing and insurance companies along with some major law firms.

Chartering & Towage

Alasund Shipbrokers have been involved in various chartering projects and have closed a few towage deals whereby vessels have been towed from Canada to Poland, Greenland to Iceland, Iceland to Denmark to name a few. Contact us for a towage quote.

Tug Westsund is seen here above in this video towing a trawler from Greenland to Iceland. A job looked after by Alasund Shipbrokers Limited in co-operation with Svendborg Bugser, Denmark.

Tug Hunter towing a trawler from Reykjavík to Vigo (August 2016), another job looked after by Alasund Shipbrokers Limited in co-operation with Svendborg Bugser.

Bunker supply

Alasund Shipbrokers have provided bunkers replenishment for vessels calling foreign ports. Vessels have lifted bunkers and lubrication oils in Denmark, France, Poland, UK, Canada, Singapore, Spain, Egypt, South Africa and Panama through our agency.


Vessel Transports & Consulting

An important part of selling vessels is assisting Buyers and Sellers to register/un-register their vessels, re-flagging, etc., which at times may seem overwhelming. This is where our assistance can be of much importance. Alasund Shipbrokers will provide help to our customers that need to move their newly purchased vessels to their next homeport. We have arranged for vessel deliveries worldwide and looked after transits through the Panama and Suez Canal.

A lot of pitfalls can be avoided by seeking help from previously gathered knowledge in this field.

Contact us to find out what we can do for you!